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Every year in the UK, there are over 70 deaths and 1.2 Million injuries as a result of electrical accidents in the home.

Almost a third of electrical accidents happen as a result of people using faulty appliances or cutting through electrical cables when doing DIY or gardening. These injuries and deaths can be prevented by having RCD protection on your fixed electrical system.

An RCD is a safety device, which switches of the electricity in a fraction of a second to prevent you from getting an electric shock – which is much better protection than just having ordinary fuses or MCB’s (Miniature Circuit Breakers).

Having a modern Consumer Unit fitted with RCD’s gives you the best protection which will cover all your fixed electrical system and appliances in the home. You and your family will be much safer when using electricity in your home.

Remember, like a smoke alarm, an RCD installed in your home could one day save your life.

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