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Full or Partial Rewires

After a number of years, wires in a home can become damaged through DIY or just general deterioration. In this instance a rewire of the property may be recommended. As a general guide, rewiring should be carried out after 25 years.

An electrical rewire needs to be carried out by a qualified and experienced electrician. A rewire is not a simple job that a beginner or a DIY enthusiast can carry out. If a rewire is not done properly your wiring could fail compliance and safety regulations and you could be putting you and your home at risk.

Rewiring unlike other forms of home improvement has an impact on all floors and in all rooms at the same time. A rewire project has 3 main phases:

First fix – remove the old installation and new cables are run under floors and through walls. This will mean lifting floor boards and chasing out channels in walls.
Making Good – plasterers and joiners will cover up channels and repair floors where appropriate.
Second fix – fitting of the consumer unit and accessories such as sockets, switches and lights and electrical appliances where agreed.
At this point, the property will still need decorating before it becomes a habital home.

We work with a number of carefully selected and vetted trades-people which work alongside NBS Electrical Services Ltd to offer you a “turnkey rewire service” ensuring any inconvenience is kept to a minimum.

If you are unsure if your home needs a rewire or would like an idea of how much a rewire will cost, contact NBS Electrical Services Ltd for a free quotation.